Love146 UK highly trained carers and team provide survivor care and immediate safeguarding for children trafficked from abroad through the implementation of the Immediate Safety Plan. We are working in partnership with all agencies involved in the immediate and ongoing survivor care needs of the children and young people.

Our Supported Accommodation is provided for children and young people who have been trafficked. These services are currently commissioned by a number of Local Authority Children’s Services across England.

Once a child or young person has been identified as a suspected victim of trafficking, our highly qualified Social Work Team, Carers and Outreach Support Team work in partnership with child protective services to safeguard and protect these children. This team includes culturally relevant expertise including a Vietnamese and that of other nationalities who support the child or young person and the placement.

Due to the immediate and ongoing impact exploitation may have on a child and young adult. As an organisation we include trauma and trauma recovery as part of our focus and are building this professional approach into the our care planning process in order to share information with relevant health professionals.


Safe move on accommodation provided by Love146 UK will be tailored to the individual needs of the young person, particularly as survivors of trafficking are more vulnerable than other young people. Empowering young people who have been trafficked and allowing them the opportunity to take risks, learn and grow in a safe way will also help them to move away from their trafficker and reduce the risk of being re trafficked.

Supported Independent Accommodation includes;
Safe move on accommodation tailored to the individual needs of the young adult care leaver and supported in line with the individuals developing and changing needs and ongoing risks of re-trafficking and risk indicators to be able to safeguard the young person. Also supporting the young adult care leavers through the issues which may arise from the immigration and asylum and NRM process. This requires considerable professional skill, judgement, trust of and engagement by young adult care leavers. We can be the constant.



We support the young person their carers and wider partners with all matters relating to child trafficking and safeguarding as and when it is needed/requested. This support enables all professionals working with the child to have an understanding of the complex issues. Love146 has the expertise and experience in delivering this support.

An integral part of this service is the provision of the Love146 Immediate Safety Plan and the necessary support to the young person and carer during its implementation.

It is imperative that professionals working with trafficked children and young people have an understanding of the trauma that they may be experiencing and ensure that this understanding has been used to shape the implementation of the support being provided to them. Love146 provide Local Authority Children’s Services with expert advice in specific assessments of the immediate and ongoing risks indicators for a child suspected as and presumed to be a victim of child trafficking.

Love146 will undertake these trafficking assessments, a risk assessment for the placement and a risk assessment for the external environment. Together aiding the development of an holistic care approach.


Love146 Rapid Response Out-of-Hours Placement Service (RRPS) provides short term accommodation options for unaccompanied children and suspected child victims of trafficking or modern slavery

Love146 Rapid Response Out-of-Hours Placement Service (RRPS) provides short term accommodation options for unaccompanied children and suspected child victims of trafficking or modern slavery.
Where the age of a child is disputed they can be referred into the provision and will be treated as a child pending the outcome of an age assessment. L146 will ensure appropriate safeguards are in place for the young person and for other children within our short term emergency placements. Age disputed children will not be placed with other children pending the outcome of the age assessment process.

All emergency out-of-hours placements are short term placements with the option to move to alternative longer term placement for young people identified as suspected child victims of trafficking or modern slavery.

The L146 RRPS Service is available 24 hours a day including Saturdays and Sundays.

All L146 rapid response accommodation is supported accommodation in a family setting. The accommodation is staffed 24 hours a day by trained carers experienced in looking after children from abroad and children where concerns regarding trafficking or modern slavery have been identified.
As part of the short term placement qualified L146 social workers are in place to support carers and the placement and liaise with the young person’s children services allocated social worker.


Love146 UK commit to journey with each young person for “as long as it takes. Outreach plans are designed around the on-going needs and any support identified by Children’s Services and the young person.
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