Could you provide a home to a trafficked child?

How Can You Help?

With the help of Love146 UK, you could provide supported accommodation for trafficked children who are seeking asylum. Supported accommodation is similar to foster care but for older children moving towards independence: a young person aged 16-17 is placed in your home, where you look after and support them as they begin a new life in the UK.

Young trafficked survivors have experienced multiple traumatic experiences and need a safe place, time and intensive support to help them as they navigate life in the UK. You will be there to care for and motivate them when they feel overwhelmed, and to teach them the skills they need to recover and thrive. You will give them hope for the future ahead.

A Carer Story

Mim, was rescued from Human Trafficking and thanks to our Carers his journey towards a safer, happier life is now beginning – watch his story here.

Interested in Providing
Supported Accommodation?


Words from our carers and staff

"Our support for you, as foster carers, will also look at how caring can impact your life, what is important to you in your life, and what support you might need to continue caring."
Lynne Chitty
Lynne Chitty
Director of Care
"Imagine how scared a young person will be…they are alone in a foreign land and may have been subjected to exploitation and abuse. It's a privilege being a Love146 carer and doing what we can to support these young people."
Christine and Steven
"I consider my young person as one of my children. I care for him as if he was my own and hope if any of my family are in a squeeze someone else will be the same with them. "
Vicky Jackson


Anyone above the age of 21, who doesn’t work, has a spare room and is a permanent resident in the UK can offer supported accommodation in their home to provide support as a young person journeys towards independence and adulthood. 

Looking after a young person in your home can be incredibly rewarding but can also be emotionally challenging and hard work. Love146 is looking for committed, caring and open-minded people who understand the impact of trauma on young people, who are creative communicators, and who enjoy learning about and embracing different cultures within their home. 

We operate a model of supported accommodation that is similar to foster care. We are always on the lookout for foster carers with a particular interest or experience of fostering unaccompanied asylum seeking children and/or trafficked children who would be interested in joining our team to look after older children and support them towards independence.

We offer long term, short term, emergency, and respite placements for children aged 16 and 17. On occasion, placements continue after a young person turns 18.

Every child and every placement is different. The child’s social worker will review the placement and the needs of the young person at regular intervals. They will take into account the views of different people involved in their life, including yours. As the young person gains confidence, skills and independence, they may move on to independent living with ongoing support from Love146 and Children’s Services, or they may stay in placement with you until they turn 18.

We also offer short term, emergency and respite placements which can last from anything from a few nights to a few weeks.

We are based in London, Portsmouth/Hampshire and West-Sussex and currently need carers from London, Greater London, and parts of the South-Coast from Fareham in the West, along to Hastings in the East. If you are unsure if you live in the right area for us, please contact us to discuss.

You will receive a competitive weekly fee, inclusive of a maintenance allowance for the young person. Your fee will vary based on a number of factors, and will likely start higher when more intensive work with the young person is required, and will reduce as they gain independence and require less support.

As someone offering supported accommodation you will be classed as self-employed and maybe entitled to some benefits in terms of tax reductions (e.g. council tax) and other perks depending on your location (e.g. free residents parking permits).

Your Journey With Love146

Deciding to open up your home and provide support to a trafficked young person is a huge decision. From the moment you make contact with us we provide you with all the information you need to help you decide whether to take the next step. We tell you what to expect, give you insight into the reasons why trafficked children and young people come to the UK, and discuss what life is like when a trafficked young person comes to live with you. 

We also find out about you and your home life and talk to you about whether this is the right decision for you. If you are interested in applying we may visit you at home or meet you online for an information and awareness session. 

We provide all the training and skills you need to feel confident before we place a young person with you, and offer you ongoing training throughout your time as a carer with us.

Looking after a young person in your home can be incredibly rewarding but can also be emotionally challenging and hard work. We need committed, caring and open-minded people who understand the impact of trauma on young people, who are creative communicators, and who enjoy learning about and embracing different cultures within their home. Your home will be the safe space they need to enable them to flourish. Your home will also become a meeting place for professionals to meet you and your young person to discuss care and support planning, so we need you to feel comfortable to open your home up, not only to a young person, but to many of the professionals involved in their life. 

If you wish to apply, we welcome you to complete application form, available after initial discussions with you. We then follow a clear assessment process to help both you and Love146 make sure this is the right role for you. 

The assessment can take around 4 months – it’s important that we take our time so we learn more about you and your suitability for the role. We want to know about you, your family, your history, and your experiences which have led you to wanting to provide a home for trafficked young people. We also need to make checks on significant others in your life, DBS, medical and financial checks, and we ask for references, who we will need to meet.

During the assessment period you can ask questions and you will learn a lot about the role and the knowledge needed to offer a home to a young person.

It may seem daunting, but you will be supported throughout the process by our small team of supportive social workers at Love146.

You will receive thorough training from Love146. We provide all our supported accommodation carers with specialist training around child trafficking, safety planning and the asylum process, and we give you a toolkit of practical and therapeutically informed strategies and skills, enabling you to support your young person through their trauma; to help you communicate effectively, and to manage the more emotionally challenging moments. You will also learn about issues such as child sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, criminal and labour exploitation.

Your young person may not speak English and is likely to come from a different cultural background to yours.  Our training package includes learning about the different countries and cultural backgrounds the majority of the young people we support come from, with additional country specific, religious or cultural training as required. 

You will have ongoing training and development opportunities throughout your time with us. Your dedicated social worker will discuss training gaps and opportunities together with you at your regular supervision meetings.

Children trafficked from overseas have needs that are distinct from UK born and raised children. It can be a steep learning curve for both you and for the young person, which is why Love146 offers around the clock, 24/7 support. You won’t be on your own as we know that young people need a whole team of people around them.

You will also have access to an interpreter each week to support your communication with your young person, particularly in the early stages of a placement.

You will have your own dedicated Love146 social worker who will visit regularly and be on the end of a phone or computer whenever you need it. You will have monthly supervision meetings with them to check how you are getting and to discuss any training needs, and you will have an annual review.  You will be connected to other carers so you can share experiences and get advice and support from one another. 


When trafficked young people are first accommodated they may speak very little, if any, English. Many will be nervous and distrustful of others and confused about what is happening. They meet a lot of people wanting to support them without understanding why or what everyone’s different role is. You will be there to provide a secure base, offering both practical and emotional support. You will support the young person to cook food from home, learn about their individual culture and enable them to build trust with you and others. Once they become settled you will support them to learn the skills they need to live independently as they move towards adulthood. Every young person is different so you will be flexible and creative in your support for them.

You will be the main person in their life helping them to navigate their way through, but you won’t be the only one. The young person will have a Children’s Services social worker and may also have a Love146 social worker who is involved for a time.  Our team of support workers may offer one to one work support work, art projects or organise activity days to provide a range of different opportunities for your young person.

When a trafficked young person is first accommodated with Love146, they may be at ongoing risk from their traffickers, which is why we have a well established model of safety planning. The young person will be placed on an immediate safety plan at the start of their placement. We will work closely with you to give you the skills and confidence to implement the plan and keep the young person safe from ongoing harm. We will continually assess their situation and once we are confident that they are safe we will begin to reduce the levels of safety planning so they begin to live life as normally as possible.

Why choose Love146?​

Love146 is unique as we are the only provider in the South-East of England to offer accommodation and support exclusively to children and young people who have been trafficked. We are a small organisation whose experienced team is dedicated to ensuring that the safety needs and longer term development of our young people are met. We understand that young people can recover and thrive when professionals and support providers work together as a team. As a supported accommodation carer you will become a valued part of our team.

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