We recognise no one organisation alone can ensure a child trafficked, exploited and abused has all their needs met and is empowered to be in control of their own future. Therefore, we have learnt by working together and coordinating our response, children and young people are simply better protected in what can be very difficult and complicated journey of recovery. We share, we listen and we learn together in this, we support each other.

  • Association Directors of Children’s Services Asylum Task Force
  • Portsmouth, Southampton, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Missing, Exploited and Trafficked (MET) strategic groups Hampshire Modern Slavery Partnership Group
  • South East Strategic Partnership for Migration
  • Human Trafficking Foundation Working Groups
    • Adult Protocol London Working Group: Remit; develop a adult trafficking protocol
    • Child Trafficking Working Group: Remit; develop a child trafficking protocol
    • National Care Standards Group: To update the Care Standards as accepted by HM Gov
  • European Asylum Support Office (EASO) Vulnerability Expert Network. (EASO) is an agency of the European Union set up by Regulation (EU) 439/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council.
  • Missing Children Europe Child Rescue project. Child Rescue is a pan Council of Europe Member State project to quantify, identify track and trace missing children trafficked, unaccompanied separated and migrant children:
    • Love146 UK Chair the Child Rescue Ethics Advisory Board
    • Members Child Rescue Investigation Authorities Board
  • Council of Baltic Sea States Child Protection Unit (CBBS): Ongoing expert child trafficking status and contributor to Council of Baltic Sea States Child Protection Units strategic and Baltic State specific trafficking and child protection initiatives.
  • Love146 US (Global Network)
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