George Floyd, another life now associated with death by racism. Before him are countless other precious lives, black lives, that matter.

We at Love146 UK deplore what is happening, and grieve and mourn with those who mourn. We take a Stand. We choose Anti-Racism.

We acknowledge the problem clearly so that those who work for us and with us, those who know us and are related to us will know our position. Black lives matter.

We define ourselves as an ” International Human Rights Organisation”, and as such we recognise that we must, and will take a stand against the overt and concerted racist narrative which conditions structural and institutional racist practice wherever we see it. We will not, through our actions, enable any form of prejudicial or racist policies and procedures that undermines our anti racist values; and attacks The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. It is a natural place to draw from our universal rights in their application. We see that there is a concerted attack on these core values; which in part manifests itself in the murder of black men, women and children due to the colour of their skin.

We acknowledge the racist conditioning and structural and institutional racism that exists within the UK; and that in helping to solve this, we must dismantle prejudice in ourselves and those around us, not only in thought but by our actions. We are on a fast journey of awakening as we look, listen and understand what racism looks like in the UK charity sector. We endeavour to work with our sisters and brothers in the charitable sectors and beyond to challenge racist and prejudicial behaviour, policies, procedures and actions wherever they appear.

We will not, by action or inaction enable racism in any form.

And after all the media dies down, we will continue to stand and fight to eradicate racism and prejudice. Bear with us as we continue our discussions and move to the next stage of taking action to ensure that any structural racism that may be found is eradicated within Love146 UK.

Times are changing. Through actions by so many organisations and individuals, those dedicated to upholding the values that define why Anti Racism, equality and respect, are the things we hold dear as human beings, will, we have no doubt whatsoever, through our shared humanity, regardless of colour, will prevail.”

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