Love146 UK provide a range of assessments designed to ensure the safety of children we work for and we provide specialist assessments to assist Local Authority Children’s Services

Love146 undertakes trafficking assessments and a risk assessments (which include external, environmental risk factors) for each placement.

Assessing risks among young people will vary depending on the child or young person’s individual circumstances. An assessment will identify which interventions are needed and this will be negotiated where appropriate from the outset with the child, young person and carer; and is regularly evaluated by everyone involved with the young person.

The Child Trafficking Assessment contextualises child protection and NRM trafficking indicators whilst taking account of immediate and potential threats to the child. This results in a set of recommendations that can be incorporated into a child’s pathway or young persons care plan. It also enables evidence based signposting, access to Love146 services and referrals to external support providers with specialist expertise in meeting the physical and psychological needs of unaccompanied children.


We offer a range of multi agency and single agency training modules covering;

Each module is designed to meet the specific requirements of a multi agency group or single agency, and can be delivered on different levels according to the need and the degree of pre knowledge on each subject or range of subjects within the learning group.


Love146 UK provides a range professional holistic and issue specific issue court reports for all agencies working with trafficked children and young people who are in legal proceedings or in the Care system.

Our specialist court reports cover:

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