Where does Love146 UK work?

Love146 UK works in the UK providing direct care and support for children vunerable and looked after aged 16+ who are leaving care up to the age of 25.

They provide these services for children whose origins are from outside the United Kingdom and where trafficking or modern slavery is suspected or confirmed. These children maybe; Unaccompanied by their parents or caregivers and separated from their family or in situations unknown at the point of referral.

They’re services are available boys, girls and trans/non-binary children and young people.

And, what are Love146 UK doing?

They also provide a range of support services to Local Authority Children’s Services including specialist foster care placement support where children and young peolple are placed. Additionally, we offer training and Prevention Education for community based groups and the statutory sector.

For a full list of services Love146 UK provides please visit our WHAT WE DO pages.

Love146 also has offices in the Philippines, Madagascar, and in the United States of America (Texas, Connecticut and North Carolina) providing survivor care in three of those locations.

Does Love146 UK rescue children from situations of exploitation?

No. Love146 UK works in Survivor Care. However, we do work closely with organisations that specialise in intervention and recovery operations and we work with police and Local Authorities to care for rescued children and young people. Love146 UK does provide specialist recovery planning and advice.

Does Love146 UK recover children or young people who have gone missing from care?

Yes. Love146 UK runs a specialist multiagency missing child/young person recovery protocol developed as part of multi-agency recovery operations.

This service is available to statutory Children’s Services via Child Protection, Children Looked After and Leaving Care Teams.

Can I sponsor a child?

As survivors of child trafficking and exploitation once had a price (or value) placed on them we’re hesitant to do the same. Our ACT NOW and supporters programme allows you to support our care, after care and prevention programmes monthly.

If you would like to help Love146 UK to support children and young people, please visit our ACT NOW page.

Does Love146 have a Safe Home in the UK?

No. We do not have a “safe home” – rather we work with local authorities to determine the most appropriate Love146 resource to offer and we support young people in a variety of settings and accommodations.

Please visit our SURVIVOR CARE page for more information.


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