You Never Stop Fighting for Family | Hong’s Story

When you’re committed to someone, when someone is family there’s no hesitation if they need your support. You never stop fighting for family. Whether that’s a trip to the hospital, looking after the grandchildren, or a supporting shoulder when times are tough.

You don’t deliberate. You just go.

Nowadays, you message family members on the way to keep them in the loop, “Have to take Joe to the hospital. I’ll let you know what the doctor says,” or “Emma needs to talk – leftovers in the fridge.”

You act first, and then you update family on the way.

It’s very similar to the journey we take with trafficked young people. Once we are connected with a young person (children who have been trafficked here for variety of exploitations) we are there to hold their hand until THEY choose to let go.

Sometimes that means trips to the dentist, other times its trips to the supermarket to fill empty bellies, or going with them to meet with their solicitor, or appointments in court.

The journey doesn’t end when a trafficked young person turns 18. And we don’t stop supporting them because a trafficked person’s situation is increasingly complex.

And, those journeys are all too common.

Meet *Hong;

He was trafficked into the UK from Vietnam and discovered by the police during a raid of the cannabis farm where he was being forced to work. Instead of being recognised immediately as a victim of trafficking, he was arrested alongside his traffickers and

….charged as a criminal.

His solicitor advised him to plead guilty. He trusted that advice (how could he know better?) and was convicted and sentenced to 10 months in jail.

Once released, he received support from Love146 UK and started to build a life.”

He now has a partner now who is a British citizen, and they have two children, also British citizens.

“Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, Love146 UK can continue to journey with survivors like *Hong, and fight for his family as they go through the process of overturning the guilty verdict that sent him to jail.”

But it takes continued collaborative work with local authorities and children’s services to change this narrative, and we still have work to do.

We were with *Hong as he applied for asylum which was denied. And as he appealed that decision, we’ve stood with him.

He was denied again.

He has been told that his deportation back to Vietnam is pending. If he leaves his family, he does so with the knowledge that he will never be allowed back into the UK, due to his wrongful criminal conviction.

We are doing everything we can think of to find justice for Hong.

He has a new solicitor supporting him through the appeals process for his wrongful conviction and a solicitor who will appeal the asylum decision once again. We’ve been meeting with them to come up with a strategy. Making phone calls, asking for meetings with the local MP, drawing up a report on the harm his children will suffer if their father is deported.

All along the way, we tell *Hong and his family….

…. “Don’t be afraid. We are not done fighting for family yet.”

Can you imagine what Hong must feel? What the mother of his children must feel? We can. And this is simply what family does.

You, as part of the Love146 UK family need to know about *Hong. As a supporter of our work, what we do; you do. Together we are battling to keep a frightened family together and fighting for family.

We ask that you continue to support the work of Love146 UK, in honour of  *Hong and his family. Stand beside us again. That’s what family does.

*name changed to protect the trafficked survivor’s identity.

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