Trafficking survivors are children not criminals

Step by step, stage by stage, we have walked you through some of the ways in which children and young people are tricked into being trafficked. We have looked at how they are coerced and exploited. This week, just as they should be about to find safety, we look at how they risk being criminalised by the authorities for the actions which they are forced to carry out. We look at how limitations on legal aid prevent them getting necessary support. We take you through the different ways in which they can be exploited and what happens to them.

When children and young people first encounter the authorities they should feel protected. They should be protected. Unfortunately, all too often they are treated as criminals themselves. They are scared and confused and they need support and help. We are there to provide, but we need your help to do that.

Help us raise £5,000 by May 27th and help us ensure more trafficking survivors have someone in their corner.

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