Trafficked for thousands of miles

We started talking about the journey which children and young people who have been trafficked go through by first looking at the ways in which they are coerced by traffickers to start it, and the courage those young people show. Then we looked at the fear and uncertainty which they face, and the determination which that creates in them. This week we are looking at the length and types of journeys they go through. They can be long and terrifying. The can cross countries and oceans. They can last months and even years. Children put through all of that, exploited time and again on those journeys.

We are fundraising to ensure that, whatever else, those journeys can end in safety for more children and young people. Your support means we can provide trained social and support services for those children to help them with the trauma they have faced on these journeys. It allows us to run activities which can help them build new, happier, memories. It means we can keep pushing for better protection for them through policies.

We aren’t a big charity, most of our team works on the ground with the children and young people we support, but we make a big impact.

Our £5,000 target means we will be able ensure more children can get the safety they need. Even a small donation towards that target will have a huge impact on the life of a child who has been trafficked.

It is easy when you read the news to think that everyone who is trafficked crosses the channel in small boats or the back of a lorry, the reality is starkly different. Seventy nine percent of trafficking journeys cross through official border control points, airports, ferries, Eurostar etc. Children and young people walked past customs checks where no-one spotted the danger they are in.

For those who are not trafficked through official control points though, they’re time being trafficked tends to be more than two years. Imagine that for a second, two years being trafficked. It doesn’t stop there either. Two thirds of trafficking survivors are exploited on the routes as well as at their destination. That’s two years of exploitation on their journeys.

Our aim, our ultimate goal, is to end child trafficking for good. Now though, right this minute, we need to provide safety and support for those who have been through these journeys. To do that we need your support. Even something as simple as a £5 donation can help us ensure that children and young people who have been trafficked are able to end their journeys in safety.

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