The next step on the journey

Every child’s journey with trafficking should end in safety. No child should have to even start that journey. Support us in bringing both of those about.

When a child is first trafficked they don’t suddenly go from being where they were to be where they are exploited. Last week we talked about how children and young people can be coerced into being trafficked and the courage they display. This week we look at the fear and uncertainty they face as they start their journeys, and the determination which can come from that.

By donating to our Heart of Safety campaign you will enable us to help more children build on that courage and determination to start the next steps of their journey. Your donation will mean that, no matter the twists and turns, when they reach they end of their trafficking journey they can be provided with safety and protection. It will mean that we can use our experience from working with them on the ground to campaign for better ways to protect them and end trafficking.

When trafficking is reported in the news it is often looked at from the point of view of the criminality. It focuses on the exploitation and actions. What is often overlooked are the impacts on the individuals. How they came to be trafficked, what they go through on their journeys, and what happens afterwards. People think of child trafficking in terms of the wide scale organised crime side. We work with the individuals affected though. Behind every story of organised crime is a child or young person who has been on that journey of being trafficked. A child who needs support and care afterwards. A child who has faced trauma, fear and uncertainty. A child who has shown immense courage and determination. Each child has their own story. Each journey creates its own complex issues.

The fear a child who has been trafficked can stick with them, but with specialist support they can rebuild their lives and move forward to something happier. Happier memories created through activities and engagement, a feeling of family and safety by being properly cared.

A child or young person doesn’t just go from one not being trafficked to the next being safe from traffickers. What they go through on that journey shapes the very complex support needs we need to work with them on. 

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