Standing Alongside Trafficked Children During COVID-19

These are anxious and uncertain times regarding what the coming months will bring, and we share many of your concerns about COVID-19 and how this will affect the children and young people in our care.

As for them, this anxiety is real too.

Inevitably, COVID-19 is now likely to affect many different aspects of children’s lives. They will be looking to us, for answers and for reassurance.

How can young people be affected throughout this time?

You may not be aware but survivors of trafficking and exploitation who are in our care, will be particularly affected by the resulting social and economic constraints during this time.

Resulting in a of lack of alternative safe and suitable accommodation and a possible decrease in financial support.

“The young people are scared they will get it. They are worried about being on their own if they fall ill, and without enough to eat.” Lynne Chitty Love146, UK Director of Care.

As many of the young people in our care have underlying physical and mental health issues, this will also dramitcally increase their vulnerability, and our need to support them.

So, how are we supporting young people?

We know that through collaboration we are stronger. This is why we continue to work with our partner Children’s Services, Local Authorities and Police.

But to ensure the support network is maintained for vulnerable children, we require financial support too.

Therefore, we need more help from business leaders like the founder of Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis. Who has generously marked his support for small charities, by launching The Coronavirus Charity Help Fund.

This funding and support will help our vital on-going care programs, which are essencial in supporting vulnerable young people, and our key workers throughout the coronavirus outbreak.

With you by our sides, we will continue to provide our specialised true guardianship and keep young people safe and secure.

“On behalf of the children and young people we serve and the Love146 UK team we thank you for your continued support.”

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