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After an uncertain year fundraising events are back and we can start raising vital funds through community events, and get running for love. So this Saturday 10th July 2021, we have a fantastic team of five supporters who are running the Race to the Stones, a 100km ultramarathon!. 

The Threshold Trail Series will be taking place with some new socially distanced rules in place but our runners have been preparing for months, mentally and physically to tackle this challenge, and all in aid to raise funds in supporting the young trafficked survivors that we serve.

And, with just days to go, our runners are doing their final short training runs, packing their bags, resting and preparing ready to take on the ultramarathon along the stunning Ridgeway in Oxfordshire.

We had a chat with Izzy Archer, a Love146 Support Worker and challenger, about what your donations mean to young survivors, and her motivation to take on this challenge.

“I work for Love146 and decided to run this ultra to raise money for the work we do with young people. As a front line practitioner, I see exactly where the money goes, such as a trip to the zoo, or an activity such as mini golf.”

“These are one-off activities due to their cost, so your donations will help me make them more available for our young people to help them reconnect with enjoying life after years of simply surviving.. 

.. this is what I’m passionate about, and although training is slow, being reminded of each of the individuals I work with is what keeps me going.”

What is an ultramarathon?

“Ultrarunning is any distance longer than a marathon and requires planning and pacing. The main difference between running an ultra to shorter distances is the need to consume food and energy continuously during the ultra and the mental capacity to just keep going, focusing less on speed and more on endurance.” 

“There will be pit stops every 10-15km with water, food, portaloos and a medical tent”.

Blisters, injury, aches and pains are not uncommon! 
“Some of the team have run an ultra before and for some it will be their first. It is no small feat and we are incredibly impressed and grateful for their support.”

The following amazing people Camilla, Izzy, Mark, Charly and Susie will be aiming to complete the distance, running, walking and hobbling through to the finish. They have very kindly chosen to fundraise for Love146 and we are so grateful for each of their efforts, time, energy and donations raised so far.

Want to join us?

We will be there in support waving our banner and to wish them all the best for a brilliant challenge. You can follow the race on our instagram page where we will be posting updates of the team.

You can hear more about the individual stories and the motivation from, Susie, Charlotte, Mark, and the Love146 team.

Your support can be shared in many ways. So please, go to our link and support our runners today!

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