A Run for Love: Help Trafficked Young People on their Journey to Love

Did you know, that with increased exercise the stronger and more protective the heart becomes for your body? A few important reasons for you to get motivated and, get active, don’t you think? Well, if you’re still wavering and your hearts not quite in it, then we enthuse you to read Izzy’s big-hearted love story and why she’s running for love.

So, who is big-hearted Izzy? Izzy is a care worker at Love146 UK, dedicated to providing survivor care to trafficked children and young people in our care. As part of a specialised team she supports exploited children on their road to recovery. Every step of the way.

Here’s Izzy’s love story;

“After running my first ultra marathon last year it wasn’t long before I knew I wanted to do another one. In fact, it was approximately 15 minutes after finishing the 85km and I had half a bowl of pasta in me that I was wondering which race it would be next year…

So, now that 2020 is already well under way, I have signed up to Race to the Stones 100km, again choosing to raise money for Love146 UK.

However, this year I not only thought about upping the distance but the numbers of runners or walkers in the hopes of raising more for this amazing charity. Reaching out to numerous friends we have managed to get a small hopeful team ready and willing to take on this challenge and help raise awareness and support for trafficked and exploited children.”

A few words of wisdom

From Izzy; “The fitter I am the more enjoyment I get out of running. Therefore, I recommend a base level of fitness as official training starts this month of February as 100km is no small feat, so the sooner you sign up – the easier it’ll be on your heart.”

So, we’re still on the lookout for anyone who’s been waiting for an excuse to run their first ultra marathon. If you want an opportunity to raise money and challenge yourself then this is it! Whether you are a seasoned runner and want to choose to run for Love146 or if you aren’t a runner but still keen, please do get in touch and we can give you more details.

Join Love146 UK and Izzy’s fight to end child trafficking. And get running for love.

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