Launching our Heart of Safety campaign

We are delighted to launch our new “Heart of Safety” Fundraising Campaign. Over the next six weeks we will take you on the journey a child can take when trafficked.

It is a journey which has many twists and turns. It is a journey which highlights the range of needs which they have. It is a journey which for all too many does not end in safety. With your support though and your donations we can ensure it does for even more children, and we can continue to work to ensure that one day no child has to make that journey.

For the next six weeks through our social media channels, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as weekly emails and blogs, we will take you on that journey. We will show what safeguards are needed, and why they are so important. You will follow the journey of Heartreach. Their journey is their journey, no two are ever exactly alike, but it the steps, the dangers, and the resilience and determination trafficking survivors have, are seen time and time again in similar ones.

At the heart of everything we do is safety, the absolute, unconditional, need for children and young people to be safeguarded. By donating to the campaign you will help ensure that more children who make this journey can end it in safety. You will help ensure that they can be supported in re-building their lives. Your donation will ensure that children who have been trafficked can have a childhood, can build better and happier memories. Your donation will allow us to keep informing policies and raising awareness to bring child trafficking to an end, for good. In short, your support will help ensure that children and young people who have been trafficked can have safety.

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