Izzy Runs to End Child Trafficking and Exploitation

The challanges to end child trafficking and exploitation requires support for our team, our professional family and you, our supporters.

The dedication required when competing in an endurance sport takes drive, commitment and a passion to achieve, what can seem like the impossible. Therefore, when we found out that a supporter of ours Izzy Archer had smashed not one but two marathons we were overwelmed that she choose Love146 UK to support.

How your donations can make a difference in a childs life

Your voice, support and donations make a huge difference in helping exploited young people in our care. This support enables us to provide prevention education and provision for vunerable children. We implement this through our specialised supported accomodation and wrap around care these children deserve.

What can you do to end child exploitation?

We’ve helped these children re-imagine their future, rediscover their humanity and experience childhood but we need your help. There are many ways to donate, fundraise and join our movement.

And, you can join our family and Izzy in working towards ending child trafficking an exploitation.

a last big thank you……

To friend of Love146 UK, Izzy Archer, thank you for your stretch in completing a double marathon raising £2,250 for Love146. We are so grateful for this effort – well done, Izzy!

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