How Purposeful Business Leaders Can Help Fight Child Trafficking?

Charities and businesses are coming together, throughout this challenging year. Adapting and creating positive ways to support each other. As the ‘new normal’ has yet to be fully understood, one certainty is that we must continue to work together, strengthening our new networks across organisations and working with ‘Purposeful Business Leaders’.

…And businesses and Purposeful Business Leaders have seen that through collaboration and supporting those in need can become a ‘new normal’.

Children, in particular refugees and migrants, are often trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation or labour, such as domestic servitude, agricultural or factory work. Therefore, when we look at the prevention of trafficking and protection of children, we see that collaborating with the business community across all sectors can become a comprehensive part of our trafficking prevention education program.

When you look back at how solidarity from businesses have helped charities and communities during the pandemic, it has been a powerful catalyst for change, within business and for the outlook for charities. And for us it has created opportunities to build strong partnerships to raise awareness, galvanise action and inevitably work towards changing the narrative for vulnerable young exploited children.

Today, I interviewed Geoff Hudson-Searle, CEO of IBEM, a business leader, philanthropist and a valued part of our community. Geoff tells you his story, about what drives his passion, commitment and approach to create change. And how this can make a big difference for a charity like ours.

So, Geoff, why is child trafficking so important to you and IBEM?

“Our self-confidence and faith will grow. We will feel empowered to confront problems head-on and courageous in challenging times that fill us with pain and fear.

Sabrina, I quote this from my first book, which you may or may not have read, Freedom After the Sharks, I have always said that each of us is, to some extent or other is a reflection of the experiences of our lives.

However, whether and how we succeed is determined at least in part by how we cope with those experiences and what we learn from them.

Therefore, if I can support Love146 to mitigate this outcome and help a trafficked child’s past experience become just that, a reflection of their past and not their present. That’s the change I’d like to help create with Love146.

Freedom After the Sharks‘ is the story of a man who, despite a difficult family life and professional setbacks, developed the determination, drive and skills to create a successful business and happy life. Skills and self-motivation gave this young man the drive, determination and tenacity to continue a journey through hardship to reach self-fulfilment and, ultimately, success.

The question is do we give up at the first hurdle or do we continue with perseverance?

There are countless examples of courageous leaders. The one thing that each has in common is their determination to continue pushing forward, despite what others believe, or what current circumstances continue to throw up at them.

And I see that in what you do at Love146. By being consistent in your work to fight trafficking and exploitation and being the constant in the lives of trafficked children.

Life is meant to take on challenges and overcome hurdles and obstacles instead of having reservations on challenges. I feel that success lies in going beyond the boundaries and leaving no stone unturned for achieving your goals.

In my experience when you believe in your purpose you can work through obstacles, overcome disappointments and endure hardship.

It’s my belief in your purpose at Love146 that I work towards the purposeful ways in which myself and my business can assist.

Which brings me on to purpose and my support for Love146;

Purposeful Business Leaders are a great example and a huge subject today in business. It looks at the leaders who have laid a solid cultural foundation, have authentically committed to a set of values, and who have defined purpose. They are leaders through this crisis by making a difference in the lives of employees and the communities they serve.

Our partnership with you is incredibly important and every contribution we can make to support you for the safety of children is vital to stop child exploitation and trafficking. We understand the factors that contribute to risk and vulnerability to trafficking are complex, as are the consequences and pathways to recovery.

Comprehensive and targeted interventions are needed within and across the systems with which trafficked youth are often involved (e.g., child welfare, law enforcement, juvenile justice, runaway and homeless youth; refugee and immigrant services educational, mental health, and medical services). Trauma-informed care and trauma-focused treatments that are adapted to trafficking survivors’ unique needs are essential.

Your work is never short of miracles, IBEM will continue to support you in your work and to continue work that is a necessity for our children through adversity, challenges and severity of conditions.”

As John Seamon Garns – American Author of Prosperity, once said: ‘Real leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determinations.’

Thank you, Geoff, these are sentiments echoed in much of the work we do when facing the challenges in supporting trafficked young people.

It’s through collaboration with businesses and people like Geoff we can continue to build our community to fight child trafficking and reach our goal to…end it!

“Society cannot flourish without some sense of shared purpose and belief system, and most importantly love.” Geoff Hudson -Searle.

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