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Every year more than 5,000 young people are trafficked into the UK. On average they can travel 5,000 km before they arrive as part of their trafficking journey.

We’re calling on people to take part in our 545 Appeal to help us raise £25,000 to support them. 

“Anna* came to us in 2020 and began the long and difficult process of claiming asylum in this country. From her earliest days with us Anna has loved being by the sea. We search for beautiful shells, create games using pebbles and look out across the water. Over the last two years, during all stages of Anna’s journey, we have always come back to the sea. On the good days and bad days, in the sunshine or rain, this has been a safe place for Anna. A place she says makes her feel happy. As her spoken English progressed Anna was able to tell us that she loves the sound of the waves and the way the air feels. She says she always sleeps better after we have visited the sea. Anna has recently been granted Asylum and we celebrated by visiting her favourite place and reflecting on her journey so far.”

*name changed to protect the young person

By getting sponsored to carry out five challenges of your choice you can help ensure more children like Anna can find a safe place and rebuild their lives after being trafficked.

Download your fundraising pack Here.

We are a UK charity, working in partnership with other entities globally which share our name, our values and our mission. We work to ensure that children’s voices are heard, their best interests are met, and that their fundamental rights are upheld and respected. This applies to all trafficked and unaccompanied children that we support, no matter where they may have come from. We also work hard to raise awareness about child trafficking. Child trafficking is not a term that applies only to other countries. It isn’t something that happens over there. It happens in the United Kingdom, and within our own communities too. Which is why public campaigns and awareness raising is so important.

We continue to help children to find their own voice and to continue with their lives, without fear. We see children growing and develop, build trust, and develop positive and meaningful relationships which never before would have been thought possible. And we’re with them on their recovery journey for as long as it takes. There’s still so much more to do though, and we need your help to do that.

Together we can END child trafficking, for good.

It’s simple to take part, just complete five challenges lasting: 5 seconds, 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days or/and 5 weeks.

They can be anything you like. Some ideas we have had are:

Balance five books on your head for five seconds,

Wear five outfits in five minutes,

Set yourself a challenge to do a certain number of push-ups, sit-ups etc in five minutes, or even five hours if you are feeling up to it,

Bake five cakes – plus you can always sell them later for more donations,

Learn five new skills in five weeks.

Let your imagination go wild, have fun and help support children who have been trafficked

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