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It’s in times of uncertainty and fear, businesses with purpose will stand out. When your company and employees engage with a shared purpose it can be a powerful way to empower your business, build your community, and play a critical role in the lives of vulnerable groups. This is an opportunity for us all to demonstrate how courage in collaboration can support charities and businesses through these tough times.

It’s a cliché but out of a crisis comes opportunity and a chance to transform the way things are done.

If you’re wondering how your company can respond to a cause you feel strongly about and you want to partner with a charity, then we hope you can draw inspiration from how we kick started our first corporate collaboration with a lockdown start up, Prana-Copia.

Mary-Ann, founder of Prana-Copia tells us about her passion for a shared purpose, how it gives strength to the Love146 UK cause and that by having courage in collaboration can strengthen partnerships;

“Human trafficking is real, and it touches a soft spot especially when it comes to children. Which is why I am donating partial proceeds of my products towards such an amazing charity.”

“For trafficked children, healing is a journey that is only just beginning with rescue from exploitation and the provision of specialist support that understands the challenges trafficked children face, and that can offer the expertise in real solutions…is critical.”

The Love146 UK care team works hard in building trusted relationships with survivors in their own accommodation settings or in foster placements….a safe place that they can call home”

“I see that this journey of recovery is an extraordinary struggle for the young people in their care, but I also see that children are resilient. Despite terrible abuse, with the right support from the amazing team at Love146 UK they can flourish again.”

When reading their survivor stories you can see that the young people they serve show us that there is good reason to use that word, hope.”

“Because of our shared vision and passion to make a difference in children’s lives, I created the Hope Candle.

Together, we can build awareness and raise money for a cause that means so much to me – by donating money raised from the sale of the Hope Candle, I know that every penny will go directly towards supporting young trafficked survivors.”

“Through this collaboration, building a relationship with the team at Love146 UK and supporting the cause I believe in, I’ve seen how together we can make a difference.

“Knowing that my business can help a vulnerable young person become who they want to be, to have the opportunities for happiness and thrive for a better future…..that’s hope.”

“This is the time to start nurturing new communities and welcoming partnerships – especially through these challenging times.”

Prana-Copia’s support helps us provide young trafficked people with the provisions and protection they need, and gives us as a charity the confidence to look at how we can use collaborative partnerships to galvanise action, to raise awareness and inevitably, to end child trafficking.

Have you thought about collaborating? Then be courageous and ACT NOW.

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