Coercion and Control

Step by step we have spent the last three weeks taking you through the journey of a trafficking survivors. We’ve looked at the ways they are tricked and lied to by traffickers at the start of their journeys. We’ve looked at the types of journeys which they take, the thousands of miles that they can be traveling, The years it can take during which they are exploited. This week we look more at the ways in which traffickers control children and young people, the coercion and threats they use, and the courage which survivors have to show as they accept their situations and that they have been deceived. 

The average distance a child trafficked from overseas travels is hard to calculate, but basing it on the average from the numbers we have available it is about 5,000km. That’s why we are trying to raise £5,000 by May 27th. That £5,000 will go towards making sure more of these journeys end in safety for children who have been trafficked.  

It might not seem a lot to make a difference, but even a small donation makes a huge impact. It helps us work with more children, provide activities, advocate for their needs. We may not be big charity, but we have a big impact and that’s why every donation helps us to support more children. 

This week we are looking at what children and young people go through when trafficked, how they have their belongings stolen, and the threats they face from traffickers. The trauma and long-term impact which that creates for a children needs specialist support and care. Our trained team provide that support. 

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