Unfortunately, trafficking still exists in the United Kingdom. Human trafficking is not a term that applies only to the developing world. It applies to Western nations and it applies to the United Kingdom. That’s why public campaigns and awareness raising is important.

It’s vital that you know what’s happening in your own community — even if the truth is surprising or shocking. Because trafficking is often invisible, it can be hard to accept it is happening on our own doorstep. Traffickers recruit at shopping centres, restaurants, supported accommodation, schools, after-school clubs and on the streets, and increasingly, online. They’re recruiting vulnerable children into lives of exploitation.

Love146 has made a commitment to local communities here in UK.

Love146 works with a range of partners to raise awareness of child trafficking. As an organisation we develop and support campaigns which work to raise the profile of child trafficking and which places the voice of the child and young people at the centre of decision-making. We follow this approach at every level of engagement; from our community based awareness evenings and local partnerships, our work with local authorities and to the highest levels of government through our membership of strategic trafficking advisory groups to governments.

For more information about our awareness evenings, our community based partnership work, and our policy work, please get in touch.

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