The stories of children caught in trafficking and exploitation are terrible. For some of us, the depth of pain and torment is difficult to process. Just imagining what they’ve gone through affects us deeply. But, as hard as it is to hear these stories, it is good for us to do so, because by hearing these stories, we can act now and become aware, and awareness leads to action.

Through years of working with rescued children, we’ve found that restoration IS possible. We’ve worked with children who have regained their ability to dream about the future. We’ve helped these children re-imagine their future, rediscover their humanity and experience childhood. It’s not easy, but healing is an achievable goal – but we urgently need more funding and your support to continue this crucial work.


Via this website, facilitated by the Charities Aid Foundation. Whether it’s a one-off donation, £5 a month, or £50 a month, start where you can. Being there. For tomorrow really matters.


You and your business can now become an official Love146 UK Corporate Partner.

It’s simple! You can support 
us as your Charity of the Year, run your own fundraising event, or simply just make a donation. Download our brochure now and contact us. We welcome your ideas on how we might work together to end child trafficking and exploitation.


Fundraising for Love146 UK is a great way to support our work in protecting children and young people that have or are at risk of being trafficked. Love146 is deeply grateful to the funding we receive from faith communities, concerned individuals and charitable trusts; and we welcome ideas for events, challenges and speaking opportunities which both raises money, and helps to make your friends and those in your community aware of child trafficking. Whatever you raise will help us to provide safe and secure environments for survivors to thrive.

Please email to tell us about how you maybe able to help, and what we can do to make it a success.


Are you ready for a new challenge?

We work to make sure every child and young person has the love, support and opportunity they need to reach their potential. If you share the same vision we want you to join our team. See how you can help make a difference by working with or volunteering for Love146 UK.

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